SME Spesific Services

Various service options for SMEs, from Standard International Bank, Turkey.

Events Exclusive to SMEs

We, as Standard International Bank, have developed exclusive sector packages, services and loans to provide full support for SMEs. In addition to the products directed towards their needs and the effective solutions we offer, we aim to help SMEs grow through exclusive events we organize. With this objective, we have been regularly organizing the Women Entrepreneur Competition, Women Entrepreneur Meetings, Anatolia Meetings and the Basel II Meetings.

EU Support Package

With the EU Package, Standard International Bank provides financial support in administrative and operational issues that you may encounter in the EU membership process while also providing you with consulting support for enabling you to take advantage of the EU and government-based funds. With the loans and services offered in the EU Support Package, you can turn the EU membership process into an advantage for your business.

Business Owner Package

Great Support for Business Owners from Standard International Bank! The new support package from Standard International Bank, for our businesman who own their businesses.

With the Business Owner Package that provides the opportunity to use loans at discounted rates, you can meet your financing needs and easily manage your collections and payments. Furthermore, you can enjoy many advantages on basic banking products and services.

Agricultural Sector Support Package

Financing of automobiles/tractors/combine harvesters with terms up to 60 months, production financing with single annual payment and terms that suit the harvest period, Ekin Card, TMO Warehouse Receipt Loan, Greenhouse Loan, SME Support Loan for the purchase of plantation and equipment, House Loan, SME Pension Plan and many more, all in the Agricultural Sector Support Package.

Salary Payments World

No matter how many employees you have, you can make your salary payments through Standard International Bank.